fall 2017

stance socks (ladies and mens) have arrived along with brand new, super soft mens boxers - all the patterns you LOVE


summer 2017

Rainbow Sandals are HERE!

O'Neill Board shorts and Ladies swimwear en route.

Demo our boards before you buy!  SUP and Surf Boards with more inventory on the way

party space needed ? we got a great one, let us customize something cool for your celebration !

friday december 11, 2015

bath fizzy fun!  create your own bath bombs and salt soak or sugar scrub! 

monday September 14, 2015 

Blow Out Clinic - figure out the tricks to a beautiful blow out, from what brushes, products, blow dryers, and techniques use to help you get the look you want... tips on using your flat iron or curling iron, for your specific hair type.  It's gonna be great!  Held at LaLa Land Hair & Beauty Room in Madison NJ, two talented stylists will share their expert tips.  We can't wait! Held at 2  pm, suggested for young women ages 12 and up...(space is limited, more times may be added as classes fill)


friday fall schedule 4 to 5 pm    2014

( or contact us to create your own workshop for a special birthday or group meeting)

september 26  - glow grow thrive! nutrition for young women    

october 3 -  yo girl yoga!  intro to yoga     

october 17 - eating for athletes  

october 24 - eyebrows eyewows   

november 14 - friendships - How full is your vessel?   

​november 21 - eat better, be better plus mother + daughter yoga   

december 5 - modern families   - the you factor    $15  

december 19 - love lush?  make your own bath fizzies and salt scrubs $20

workshop details....meet our team

eyebrows eyewows

Eyebrow expert, makeup artist, & author, Ramy Gafni will spend the afternoon with us, teaching the basics of eye makeup application and tips for great brows.  His motto - "Minimum Makeup, Maximum Impact" - we love that.  Trained in Syndey, Australia, Ramy has is own makeup line, Ramy Beauty Therapy, and Spa in New York City where he has sculpted the brows of some today's most famous faces.  After the workshop Ramy will take individual appointments to sculpt your brows.





"yo girl - intro to yoga" & "mother+daughter yoga"

Discover what yoga is all about and how is can benefit your body and mind.  Ellen has been a practitioner of Iyengar Yoga since 1998 and is part of the 2013 Studio Yoga Teacher Training Program in Madison, NJ.  Years of gymnastics, running, and swimming had attuned Ellen’s mind-body connection, thus making Yoga a natural fit for her. She is passionate about all aspects of yoga: the study of the body, mind, and soul and appreciates the inner peace that abounds when all of these aspects are fulfilled. It is this fulfillment that she hopes to impart onto young women through her teaching.






"Modern Families" the you factor: what is your role in your family system

We all know that birth order, gender, and our siblings play a role in our family systems, but no matter what your family looks like, YOU are a huge part of why it works the way it does.  With Robyn Battiato, MA, LAC as our moderator, we will explore the YOU factor.  Discussions will include how the ways we think and interact with our family impacts us and our family systems, and we'll learn some tools for helping us navigate through the rougher patches.   Robyn earned her BA in Psychology from Lafayette College & her MA in Counseling now a licensed Associate Counselor affiliated with Insight Counseling in Morristown. As a mom to three terrific daughters, whom she learns something new every day, she is certain to bring a great energy & insight to our meeting.

"How Full is Your Vessel" How Your Self Talk Affects Your Thoughts and Actions in Your Relationships

Do you get as much out of your relationships as you put into them?  Do you sometimes feel taken advantage of by others in your life? Do you wish you could handle awkward or stressful social and family situations more easily?  Robyn will explore the reasons why we make the social choices that we do, and the influence our self-confidence has on us socially.  We will learn some tools that will help us re-frame negative thought processes as well as develop strategies to help us cope with the trickier  parts of adolescence.  

Reach out to Robyn for private counseling at 973-267-5150 or email rbkb99@me.com


Nutrition courses "Glow grow thrive, eating for athletes, and eat better, be better"

Learn how and why what we eat impacts our mood and performance at school, on the field, and at home.  Understand what nourishment really means.  Identify foods that make you grow and thrive..and so much more.   We are delighted to have Colorado-native Sarah Andersen present this workshop. Sarah exclusively educates teens and young women on nutrition and self-care as a Certified Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach. Her motto is "grow, glow, thrive." Visit her on instagram "thehealthypassionista"

Contact details: Sarah Cooper Andersen thehealthypassionista@gmail.com for individual coaching sessions







Love Lush?

We will create our own bath fizzies and salt scrubs.  Make it your own my adding your own color and scents.  Keep for yourself or share as holiday gifts.

Course taught by our owner, Cathy Langford.